terça-feira, fevereiro 14, 2006

Sleeping Beauty (II)

Bem, sei que ainda agora saiu um post, mas como o Online tem andado a insistir, hoje não fico de mau humor!
Então aqui fica um segundo excerto da trilogia erótica de Anne Rice.

"In fact, it seemed to her that Inanna’s breasts were the most detectable part of her, and she began to knead them as she nibbled at the nipples. A new sense of abandon came over her. She wasn’t trying to please Inanna now so much as she was lost in her own desires, her mouth pulling on the nipple, her mind dimly aware of Inanna once more moving under her.
She parted her legs over Inanna’s thigh and pushed her sex against the smooth skin, her burning clitoris throbbing. Sucking Inanna’s breast, she rode the thigh, up and down, her body stiffening, her legs hugging Inanna, until suddenly the orgasms flooded her.
When it was over, it did not leave her in peace. She felt herself in the grip of a fever. The lushness of Inanna’s body and softness of her own created some new sense of limitless ecstasy, some vague and mad dream of a night of unfolding pleasures, desire building upon desire.
She sucked on Inanna’s tongue, the sweetness intoxicating her and carring her up and out of her drowsiness. And, remembering dimly the spectacle of Lexuis impaling Laurent on his gloved fist, she made her hand into a tight knot and moved it through the charred mouth between Inanna’s legs.
Wet as before, tight, deliciously tight, the opening gripped her fist and part of her wrist that also entered, and the muscles pulsed against her hungrily, further exciting her. And when she felt Inanna’s clenched hand enter her, she knew again the old pleasure of being filled, her body embracing all these sensations with increasing urgency. She worked Inanna with her fist as Inanna worked her, Inanna’s arm pumping with almost punishing roughness.
When they came it was together, moaning into each other, their bodies drenched in warmth and unbroken tremors of pure ecstasy."

5 Comentários:

Blogger Neptuno disse...

não achas que isso teria piada com um elemento maxo à mistura???

10:56 da tarde  
Blogger Maria disse...

muito bom, andas bem

10:31 da tarde  
Blogger Neptuno disse...

claro que ando...uippps...não era para mim...a Maria não me liga..snifffffffffffff

10:56 da tarde  
Blogger Paixão disse...

lá estás tu com os trios...

3:39 da tarde  
Blogger Paixão disse...

gosto bastante desta escrita (e de muitas destas fantasias).

Mas parece que o pessoal que passa pelo meu blog não pensa o mesmo.

Um dia destes envio-te mais um episódio...


3:41 da tarde  

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