quarta-feira, julho 18, 2007

didn't know his name
didn't care about his age.
the wine was red
and the music was old.
he was tall, gorgeous and shy...
it was an one night stand
an escape from feelings, tears and thoughts.
a freedom of unknown bodies in the night.
the story had no cinderela
and the dress was black.
the barman and the maneater

but in the morning he said "you're restless"
and she was... thinking of her damaged heart.
And called this tale a therapy.
An attempt to free herself from you...

2 Comentários:

Blogger Fofinha disse...

Hummm a noite deve ter sido magnifica... Feliz por ti.
Beijo grande

2:57 da tarde  
Blogger Francisco del Mundo disse...

Assim se cura... Sabemos bem isso...
Beijo, mapa...:D

12:26 da tarde  

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